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True Grit American
True Grit American
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From a time when independence, courage, and conviction were our national identity, the words, quotes and quips of John Wayne, so poignantly highlighted in this beautifully, fully illustrated gift book, True Grit, revives and restores the personal and patriotic pride we were losing, and stirs within our hearts the true grit and indomitable spirit we need to reclaim our tomorrows, and the dreams we'd forgotten we had.

True Grit, based on John Wayne's 'Pledge of Allegiance', and the perceptive, heart-stirring ideals he developed as his love of America grew deeper, this inspiringly presented gift book rekindles an almost forgotten genre that lies within every American - the genre of unyielding courage we need now in this country's history, possibly more than ever before.

True Grit reminds us to 'Stand up and be counted'. It's a reminder of the last time you dug your heels in, set your eyes on the goal, and ploughed ahead - the last time you fought and lost but felt good because what you'd been fighting for was truth - a time when courage, conviction, a sense of pride, and a love of country were integral to our national character. True Grit reminds us of the spirit of the West - the spirit of America.

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7" x 7" / 64 pages / Full Color / Harbound / Jacket / Premium Gloss paper.
A gift book by Wilma Russell.