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A Western Celebration
A Western Celebration
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John Wayne – A Western Celebration, is just that, A Western Celebration! This beautifully produced volume is a stunning, comprehensive visual work showcasing the entire collection of the Westerns and rare and vintage movie posters of John Wayne's career. It is an exclusive, stirring tribute to the unforgettable Duke, a man as large as the American West that he so loved.

John Wayne had the unique ability to capture the spirits and show us the faces of the rugged individuals who left their tracks across the wild and unforgiving landscape of the West, it was the cowboy who became the American folk hero. And it was big John Wayne who came to represent the American cowboy – and all the great qualities of America – around the world.

"To the people of the world, John Wayne is the United States of America. He is what they believe it to be, what they hope it will be, and what they hope it always will be." Maureen O’Hara 1979

Limited First Edition. $100.00 + $10 S&H

14” x 11” / 276 pages / Full Color / Hardbound / Jacket / 6lbs weight / 300 images / Premium Gloss paper.
Written by acclaimed Texas Author, Jane Pattie.